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Lookout Mountain

This has been the most popular flight with Hang Glide Colorado.  We start our flight at 7,000 ft MSL and enjoy the views of the front range as we look down on the city of Golden.  


Our flight takes us over the famous School of Mines "M" as we soar near Mount Zion.  Flights at Lookout last 5-10 minutes and can sometimes go much longer as we explore the sky for the elusive rising air. 

When you get there: We’ll meet in the landing zone and head up together to the upper parking lot.  We'll show you how a hang glider flies and answer any questions you have.  Next, we take a short but robust hike to the launch spot where the feeling gets real!  We'll practice our launch without the glider and once all your questions are answered and you're comfy with the process, we FLY!

Location: The landing zone is in a dirt parking lot on Highway 93/Highway 6.  We will email a link for directions for your convenience.

What to wear: We recommend dressing for the day.  A wind breaker is nice when flying on cooler days.  Please wear closed toes shoes that would be comfortable for our short hike up as well as eye protection (sunglasses).  Helmets and other flying equipment are provided.

Weather: Come prepared for hanging out on the hill in case of a weather delay.  If weather pushes back your appointment, or requires that we reschedule, hang in there, we promise your flight will be worth the wait!  

Weight Requirements: We require that our passengers weigh less than 175 pounds but if you or someone in your party is between 175 and 225 lbs, we can arrange a tandem paraglide flight for them so they aren't feeling left out!  The Paragliders launch from the same hill in the morning so we can often launch at about the same time.     

Age Restrictions: We require that our passengers are between 14 and 60 years of age.  

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