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Flytec Rocks! Airspace Map does altitude now too!

HUGE Thanks to Steve Kroop for updating my software, polishing the screen, adding airspace, and replacing the port cover.

The demands on our 6030's are intense in Zapata. It has to perform for 12 hour flights, and then reliably add the encryption signature to the track log upon landing (That's mandatory for record ratification).

The way the map screen shows the airspace data in proximity to the current flight path and pilot location is KEY to navigating as close as possible around Laredo airspace w/o touching it which would negate any record. Story about HERE.

Today's flight in Colorado was underneath DIA's airspace. We launch around 5,500 feet but have to stay below 8,000 as the upside down wedding cake airspace is starts at 8k and extends up to 12k. The 6030 would warn me with sound and a screen full of data showing me those bounds as I climbed within 150 feet of the 8,000ft ceiling. Super grateful for this data that Steve loaded into my SD card!

Nearby, there was a lower layer of the cake which the 6030 also warned me about as I circled super close to it. Thanks Flytec for making the best vario I've ever owned. This one has dutifully tracked and recorded 10 hour World Record flights, beeped like a champ for my tandem business flights and keeps on ticking through many early years of recreational abuse.

#zapta #hanggliding #Flytec #SteveKroop

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