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Wary 2013 driver warning to my 2016 driver!

- must have a Texas Gazetteer

- must have the San Antonio FAA Sectional chart - down load from internet

there are several flight restricted areas; ie Laredo

- must have binoculars to make visual contact

- must have a standard compass to orient maps

- must have a separate GPS that is ALWAYS indicating the FROM radial and distance to Zapata

this is always needed in order to notify the folks at the airport (ie 162 radial 150 miles out)

always have all batteries on all devices charged before EVER going to the airport

things can happen very quickly and unexpectedly at the airport due to weather windows

always; always; ALWAYS; drive ahead of the glider = never drive less than the speed limit.

as soon as the glider is launched, then jump in the car and drive like mad to get out

of town. Make ID of the gliders location on the Rhino to verify that a distance attempt

is in progress. If a flight is being made; then drive like hell to stay ahead.

Use the loop 20 by pass around Laredo (know this road well) be ready to jump off on 359; or 59;

or the Magana Hen Rd.

Stop at the US35 and 83 junction and make positive visual contact with the glider. (must be there

before the glider gets there; drive fast)

There is a US Customs check point on 83 just south of junction 44; smile and don't look criminal.

STAY WITH THE GLIDER; the roads do not usually cooperate; just do your best.

If the Rhino indicates the glider is 1000 feet AGL or LESS, it may be on a decent to landing.

If possible make visual contact; the lower the glider the harder to find.

HAVE big (really big) bolt cutters and several replacement locks.

When glider is down:

-search all fences for signs with owners name and phone numbers

make calls to owner/operators ASAP to get permission and help

- ALWAYS / ALWAYS drive with no less than ½ tank of gas

if glider is down and you are NOT sure of its location

- get gas first, then go find the glider

- carry flash lights.


do not expect or require much information from the pilot (pilots must fly not talk)

give the pilot information and then say "NO response needed."

note: the Rhino will beep in the pilots ear each time it ID's therefore

the pilot already knows you are tracking them

keep Zapata informed on cell phone of progress; both voice or text

#zapata #hanggliding #driver

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